Valetra - Vardenafil 40mg

Vardenafil hydrochloride is an oral drug which belongs from phosphodiesterase inhibitors and it is used in treatment of Erectile Dysfunction of male. Vardenafil 40mg indications and contra-indications are the same like PDE5 inhibitors and it works to relax the muscles in walls of Blood vessels. These tablets are available in 40mg and in packing box of 10 tablets. Vardenafil 40mg ingredient medicine also helps to produce an erection that is suitable for physical action. Vardenafil 40mg tablet is available under brand of Valetra. We Shree Venkatesh International is the only manufacturer of Valetra in 40mg dosage. We drop-ship Valetra 40mg tablets as well as ship them in bulk.
Other Informations :
Packing: Strip of 10 tabs.
Delivery Lead Time: Immediate.
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai.
Mode of Export: Air Cargo / Sea Cargo /Door Delivery Cargo Couriers
Payment Terms: Bank Wire Transfer / Letter of Credit.
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